Leech Lab

The point of the leech lab was to view a simple nervous system in a leech because even simple nervous systems perform much of the same functions as the complex ones, as we discuss in anatomy. I reviewed that the basic unit was the neuron and that was enforced in the explanation and use of electrode stimuli. I also got to identify five different cell types that were stimulated by the different utensils. These cells were named N,T,P,R, and X. This lab is applicable to people because although leeches are simple creatures the anatomy of their nervous system is very similar to that of humans. These simulations can help represent the human nervous system because most nerve cells are stimulated similarly. In the picture shown is an example of a dyed cell from the leech lab. Seeing it in UV light was really interesting and depicted what the cells looked like.
My source was the hhmi leach lab
leech cell


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