3 Questions February 14th

This week we took a test, and also did a mini lab on measurements. I missed school on both Thursday and Friday due to school based activities. I missed a mini lab. Also this week our first glog was due. We are currently learning about chemical formulas and how to name them based on their formulas and vice versa. In the future I will try not to miss that much school, but I do not think that is likely because I will be missing this coming Friday again due to a tennis tournament. I will also try to turn in all my assignments on in time. I honestly think that labs help me understand the material the most because it is a hands on way of learning and it shows you how to do it right and the different effects that will happen if you do things out of order. The UT homework is very tedious, but it helps me realize how much I actually know about the topic at hand which is helpful and reassuring. 


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