Silk is Adaptable?

When one thinks of silk you tend to think of the nice tie you buy your father for a special holiday. However, silk can be used for various purposes such as nails, bone healing, vaccine carriers and much more. Silk has been prodded and adapted to be used for so many daily purposes.When silk was first discovered, there was no measure on how much it could be used for. Silk was used simply for paintings, clothing such as shoes, but how did we jump from all of this to drug distribution in a wound? Through finding properties to change to make a stronger product for each individual purpose.  Much like silk has been adapted and formed, in ancient Japan the samurai sword was adapted and changed to perfection. Although they didn’t have the technology we have today, ancient samurais crafted this sword to perfection enough so it can potentially slice through human bone. They experimented with metals to tweak the sword until it had the perfect properties and shape. These two items share the same idea because both were crafted or are still being crafted to become much more than what was anticipated at the start. Experimentation caused both of these items to potentially happen or exist.  




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