Finding Your Passion

Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. When something you do puts yourself at risk, but you still enjoy it one can tell that they are passionate about that precise thing. I was a very sheltered child in the aspect that my mom did not let me interact with someone who may cause me danger. As I walked with my mom in town I could not thwart the ache I received in my stomach when I saw someone on the side of the road in need. From the time I was a child I knew that I wanted to help someone else. This passion helps me when I am distraught. I love helping others to the point where I end up putting myself at a risk. The feeling it brings me is a phenomenal, unimaginable warmth. The simple act of keeping granola bars in my car in case of the event of passing someone on a corner and giving it to them brings me joy. This Thanksgiving I baked cookies and handed them out by the soup kitchen to those in need. The smiles that were reciprocated from the gesture were enough to make me do the same thing on Christmas day. Also getting involved in communities like rotary, NHS, and school wide functions make me feel alive in the community. I cannot end the ache I receive, but instead fill it with the passion that helps people. After all “every person lives two lives; the second begins when you realize you only have one.”



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